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Spurs: Fabio Paratici expected to push back on potential Mauricio Pochettino return

Spurs: Fabio Paratici expected to push back on potential Mauricio Pochettino return

Spurs: Fabio Paratici expected to push back on potential Mauricio Pochettino return

Tottenham Hotspur director of football Fabio Paratici is expected to push against the notion of a potential return to N17 for Mauricio Pochettino.

Could Pochettino return to Spurs?

There have been reports suggesting the Argentinian is one of the names believed to be on the list of possible options to replace Antonio Conte at the end of the season.

Spurs did previously try to bring Pochettino back to north London in 2021 during his spell at Paris Saint-Germain but ended up hiring Nuno Espirito Santo instead.

There could be one major obstacle in the road over a potential return for the 51-year-old and that comes in the form of Paratici, with the Italian symbolising Tottenham’s evolution since Pochettino’s exit.

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And speaking on the Ranks FC podcast, insider Dean Jones has suggested the director of football will likely be against the idea of hiring Pochettino.

He said: “It’s not in his interest for Pochettino to come into this role. And I think that’s why he’ll be working especially hard right now to come up with alternative options.

“He knows Levy likes Pochettino. He knows how close their relationship is. My personal feeling is he won’t want that to happen.”

Will Paratici leave Spurs in the coming weeks?

Although it is believed Paratici would likely be against the notion of a return for the Argentinian, the Italian may not be in a position of power at the club when the decision is made.

Paratici is currently in the middle of a legal storm with a ban slapped on him over returning to Italy to work within the world of football.

And it is believed the 50-year-old could be hit with another ban which could see him banned from working in football altogether.

With this in mind, the door could potentially open further for Pochettino if Paratici is no longer at the club with Daniel Levy believed to be in favour of a reunion with the Argentinian.

However, Spurs have moved on in their setup as a club with the appointment of a director of football since Pochettino’s exit in late 2019.

So it will be interesting to see whether either Pochettino or the club would be willing to make a compromise to make a reunion happen in the coming months.

It is believed Pochettino is not particularly in favour of working under a director of football, so it does feel as if Paratici’s time at the club would have to come to an end if a return to north London is to happen for the 51-year-old.


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